Health & Safety

At CCTE, we believe that a recognised and respected Occupational Health and Safety management system is not just a mandatory requirement, but a minimum standard vital to our long-term business growth and development. We are deeply committed to the health and safety of our employees, our clients and our suppliers. We are focused on Safety Leadership at all levels.

CCTE recognizes that the protection of its employees is paramount to the success of the company.  The most important asset of our company are the people that we employ and we leave no stone unturned in order to ensure that each and every employee is protected from the hazards they may encounter during the course of the normal working day.

CCTE has invested in health and safety, to help us define the path of Improvement.  This has resulted in an improvement of all our safety Statistics where we can now proudly say we operate in a good Safety Environment.

Even so, we continue to strive for better results as we believe one incident is too many.  We invest every year in new technology, to make the equipment safer and easier to use. Just as important we invest every day in our people by training them to overcome every obstacle, recognize the hazards in the work environment and to have the authority to STOP work until the risks have been reduced to a minimal level.

Our journey goes on, every day to allow us not only to be good but to be the company where everyone desires to work.