As a regional company with an enduring commitment to our markets, we recognise that managing our environmental impact makes both ethical and financial sense. By identifying and assessing the environmental impacts of our business we will reduce the likelihood of its occurrence, and through planning and preparedness we can mitigate the effects of any incident that does occur.

Our commitment to minimizing our environmental impacts is demonstrated in all our work processes and in the training we provide to our staff, from the effective use of technology to avoid all waste from contaminating ground water supplies, to the recycling of office waste and environmental cleanup activities that happen at all our office locations.

We believe that delivering on our environmental commitments enables us to be a more productive, profitable and responsible organisation through the reduction of waste, fewer incidents to manage, improved health and safety for our staff and partners, and the enhancement of our reputation with both clients and host communities as a company that fully stands by its ethical values.

CCTE recognizes that managing our Environmental Impact on the country we live in is as important as all other aspects of our business.  We believe that reducing the impact we have on the environment is a moral obligation and by meeting that obligation it will help us to be a success in every aspect of the operation.

We look forward to Continuous Improvement every year, so as to leave the country in a better place for our children’s children.