Our Services

CCTE's clients do not and should not compromise on the tools used to meet their needs. Our solutions come from working collaboratively with our customers to bring the solutions that fit their need, using our unique a deeply technical access to innovation; research and development to customize our solutions to meet the specific and focused needs of the customer.  Our technical teams ensure sophisticated technical effort goes into designing our solutions, and the staff who operate and maintain our equipment are highly skilled with the right training and competencies to deliver results.

“Comprehensive service offerings, from industry standard to uniquely customised solutions”

Our expanding range of services includes the following services:

Non Destructive Testing :

Non-Destructive Testing (Visual, Ultrasonic, Magnetic, Penetrant Testing) during Structural Fabrication Construction Supervision (Welding, Quality Control, Quality Assurance), Wellhead Equipment Inspection, Valves, Flanges, Welding Control , Inspection of corrosion monitoring systems.

  • Oil and Tubular Equipment Control
  • Visual Examination (VT) Control
  • Penetrant Control (PT)
  • Magnetos copy (MT)
  • Ultrasound (UT)
Gas and Steam Pressure Devices (APG, APV):

CCTE offers pressure testing services for an extensive range of pressures, from relatively low (a few psi) to very high (up to 200,000 psi). We offer both low pressure testing services and high pressure testing services. We can test up to 200,000 psi with liquid, up to 30,000 psi, and up to 6,000 psi with air. Our pressure testing’s procedures has developed according to API specifications of 16A, 16C, 6A, and national regulation of decree 90-245 and the decree 90-246 in date 1990.

  • BOP test
  • Shock Manifold
  • Fuel tanks
  • Fixed and Mobile Propane tanks
  • Pressurized air
  • Bottle Gas, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Methane
  • Valve operator
  • FM200 bottle
  • Safety valve
Lifting and Handling Devices

CCTE intervention are : Inspection of safety regulations for lifting and handling equipment, Inspection of safety regulations for electrical installations, Non-destructive inspections, supervision of project realization and commissioning, Industrial disaster claims and maritime.

  • Moving bridge
  • Rolling beams/jacks
  • Carriers
  • Strong shots
  • Forklift,Mobile Crane, Telescopic, Crane Buildings
  • Winch, Slings, Shackles
  • Chains and Ropes
  • Greenhouse Cables
  • Hook
  • Transmission
  • Cables