CCTE, credibility and technicality Advanced in the oil industry, Supervised by a team of experts whose technical potential has proved its worth for years, with the giants of the oil sector in Algeria, CCTE is a company specialized in non-destructive testing in the fields of Tubular drilling equipment and industrial constructions.
The structuring of these technical skills within CCTE has allowed the multiplication of their efficiency. To better, serve the field of hydrocarbons and to secure it more.
CCTE is a company under Algerian law and technical competence that largely meets international standards. Admittedly, it specializes in the control, expertise and inspection of industrial and petroleum projects, but its fields of intervention are clearly diversified.

This has developed into a set of shared core values that includes personal accountability for service quality, safety and the environment, the constant pursuit of excellence and the uncompromising delivery of all our business commitments.

“Relentless on delivering excellence with enduring commitment to our markets”